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Study Suggests Herbs Could Aid in Preventing Kidney Diseases

Study Suggests Herbs Could Aid in Preventing Kidney Diseases

According to two scientific studies based on traditional medicinal plants found that herbs such as Boerhavia Diffusa plant (punarnava) could be effective in the management and prevention of kidney ailments.

Sanchit Sharma, executive director of Aimil Pharmaceuticals, engaged in manufacturing and marketing of herbal drug Neeri KFT, said, “it was after numerous tests that this formulation had been developed to provide relief to kidney patients.”

According to the result of a case study conducted in India, a women suffering from kidney ailment was given punarnava-based syrup dosage for a month. The experts observed that a significant reduction in the level of creatinine and urea was determined in her blood and reached a healthy level in a month. Moreover, the patient’s hemoglobin level had also improved with the intake of the herb syrup. The study was conducted at the Banaras Hindu University (BHU), was published in the World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceuticals Science in 2017.

The other study was also conducted at the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) and it studied the efficacy of herbs such as punarnava-based herbal formulations, including lotus leaves, patharchur and other major herbs to subjects with kidney ailments. They observed that the drug had helped in maintaining histological parameter of kidneys, apart from reducing high levels of uric acid and electrolytes. This study was published in the Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research.

 On both the above study, experts claim that Boerhavia Diffusa is helpful in preventing kidney ailments. According to K N Dwivedi, Head of Department of the BHU’s Department of Dravyaguna, stated that the formulation Neeri KFT, extracted from punarnava acts as an alternate to kidney dialysis to some extent.

Balanced diet and ayurvedic cost-effective drugs as Neeri KFT based on herbs like punarnava could help all those kidney patients who are under the regular dialysis.