Home Technology TribeOS Exhibits Bitcoin Cash-Powered Digital Advertising Marketplace
TribeOS Exhibits Bitcoin Cash-Powered Digital Advertising Marketplace

TribeOS Exhibits Bitcoin Cash-Powered Digital Advertising Marketplace

TribeOS demonstrated AdShield and Ad OS using blockchain technology to promote transparent advertising marketplace

TribeOS –an open, intelligent, and fully automated digital advertising marketplace— on April 3, 2019 — published a demonstration of a software application that utilizes the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. The company is focused on aiding advertisers and publishers run secure, ad-fraud free campaigns online that increases an advertiser’s ROI and deliver the highest revenue share directly to publishers. The company released a demonstration video of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven marketplace. According to the company statement, the AI can ‘match the right people with the right ads at the right time.’

The platform offers novel target marketing, in which advertisers can foresee who wants to see the ads and purchase products and services. A publisher can simply register and set up ad space with TribeOS, while Ad OS offers the required code that can be attached to the publisher’s online property. The platform can be used by personal and corporate advertisers, ad agencies and ad media. Registered users can commercialize their personal information and regulate the data simultaneously. Ad OS platform allows users to acquire cryptocurrencies instead of money and can solve advertising industry’s chronic issues through blockchain technology. According to the demo video, every buy and sell, every instance of fraud blocking, and every click is published on the BCH chain which makes it impossible to manipulate. The video also demonstrated TribeOS’ exclusive suite of cyber security tools called Adshield.

According to the company AdShield is the first line of defense against online scammers and fraudulent bots. The technology can help to stop click farms, spam bots, and even humans from cheating the advertisers. Adshield uses 12 different security protocols. The demonstration also showed the Tribeos Gold Lantern analytics software. AdShield and Gold Lantern were existing technologies that are currently being integrated into the ad marketplace by the tribeOS development team led by Dino Keco. Overall, the tribeOS advertising marketplace helps advertisers and publishers make more money while boosting return on ad spend. (ROAS). The marketplace will officially launch in the 3rd quarter, 2019.