3D Cell Culture Market Technological Innovations to Boost the Vascular Grafts Market

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3D cell culture are biological cells that are permitted to grow in an artificially created environment in three dimensions, then they are called as 3D cell culture. It is used in drug discovery and tissue engineering due to the advantage of providing more predictive data for in vivo tests and providing more physiologically relevant information. 3D cell cultures have more stability and longer lifespan as compared to 2D cell culture system that means 3D cell cultures are more suitable for long term studies and for demonstrating long term effects of the drug. 3D cell culture systems are mostly grown in bioreactors, small capsules in which the cells can grow into spheroids, or 3D cell colonies. The 3D cell cultures have proven to be closer to in vivo natural system thus proving to be useful in many applications such as in cancer research. 3D cell cultures system has contributed to the various aspects of cancer biology.

Various benefits achieved through use of 3D cell culture in oncology is expected to give opportunities in therapeutic area for 3D cell culture market

Increase in incidence of various types of cancers and the need to find out an affordable and effective cure for that is the major factor driving the 3D cell culture system market. For instance, the data provided by World Health Organization (WHO) showed that in 2015, cancer caused 8.8 million of all deaths globally. The benefits achieved through use of 3D cell culture in oncology and stem cell owing to the development in 3D cell culture. The increased investment in healthcare, development of optimized 3D assays, R&D, and other research related activities are also fuelling the growth of 3D cell culture market. The 3D cultures provide next level of treatment management to patients, which will help to continue its adoption in pharmaceuticals and biotech sector and is expected to drive the growth of 3D cell culture market.

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Rise in investment by government and private companies in novel drug discovery is expected to drive the 3D cell culture market in Asia Pacific

Regional segmentation of 3D cell culture market by Coherent Market Insights comprises North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and Middle East. Increase in focus in biotechnology industry, and rise in demand for drug discovery are the factors which expected to drive growth of the market in Asia Pacific. The rise in  government investments for  healthcare, low operating costs of industries, investments by pharmaceutical and analytical instrumental companies in 3D cell culture projects to meet the demand of novel drug discoveries and organs development are some other factors which are fuelling the growth of 3D cell culture market in this region.

Key strategies like partnership and novel concept of product are adopted by industry players in 3D cell culture market

Key players operating the 3d cell culture market includes 3D Biotek, Advanced Biomatrix, Becton and Dickinson Company (BD), corning Incorporated, Global cell solutions Inc., Thermo Fisher scientific Inc., VWR Corporation, Nanofiber solutions, Lonza Group Ltd., Synthecon incorporated, and Tecan Trading AG.  Major players in the global market are focusing on providing the product according to specific requirements of researchers. For instance, Thermo Fisher scientific has collaborated with Applikon Biotechnology and launched new single use bioreactor controller platforms-i-control and ez-control. Whereas the novel concept of customized 3D cell culture product has helped the small companies to enter in 3D cell culture industry. The strategy like agreement and partnership is also adopted by some of the key players to hold the largest market share. For instance, Lonza Group Ltd. has expanded its presence in the 3D cell culture market by signing an agreement with TAP Biosystems to distribute the RAFT 3D cell culture systems.

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