Aloe Bud App Tracks Self-Care Daily Activities

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A new app called Aloe Bud sends push notification reminding user to take care of own needs with parameters such as  break, drink water, move your body, rest, breathe, and more

The app is recently launched in self-care market to cater increasing population who are willing to handle the pressures of modern-day life by taking out time for themselves to mediate, relax, and practice other mindfulness techniques. Currently most of the self-care apps are focused on meditation and calming techniques, not on the day-to-day aspects of self-care.

Aloe Bud is for people who appreciate little reminders to take care of themselves such as in Apple Watch, which now alerts use to stand and breathe. The app has simple user interface with screen icons such as hydrate, breathe, or motivate to set up when and how users wants to be reminded. Furthermore, user can choose Aloe Bud without reminders by just checking in to preferred activities. For those who want to use app for long term have to subscribe US$ 4.99 expansion pack, which includes different versions of the reminder. However, the app itself is free to use.

The idea for Aloe Bud – whose name is meant to invoke the soothing qualities of the Aloe plant – comes from Amber Discko. “I was trying to get my mental health back together and figuring out what I could build for myself and my community,” said Discko. Aloe Bud was born originally as an online community where people could check in with their self-care routines. However, there was growing demand to turn the self-care system into an app. To raise the funds for the app’s development, Discko ran a Kickstarter campaign, which led to 1,538 backers donating over US$ 50,000 to the cause. Discko explains that he worked with a mental health researcher to help develop the app and referenced other research in the space.


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