Antibiotic Bone Cement and Casting Materials Market to Witness a Pronounce Growth by 2025

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Bone cement is a material used for the fixation of joint implants to the bone. Chemical bone cement is Plexiglas, which is a polymer-based material comprising poly-methyl-methacrylate (PMMA) or co-polymers. Infection during orthopedic surgery is a major concern, which makes the use of antibiotic bone cements essential. Casting materials are used for supporting broken or injured bone. These materials act as a supportive wrap or bandage around the broken bone. Casting materials are available in various shapes and sizes, however, the most common type of casting material used in antibiotic bone cement are plasters and fiberglass. Increasing incidents of falls, road-accidents, and sports injuries is expected to foster growth of antibiotic bone cement and casting materials market.

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Increasing incidence of fatal falls is expected to boost growth of the bone cement and casting materials market over the forecast period

According to World Health Organization (WHO) 2017, falls are the second leading cause of accidental or unintentional injury deaths, worldwide. Each year an estimated 646,000 individuals die from falls, globally of which over 80% are in low and middle-income countries. Adults older than 65 years of age, are reported to be highest in number in terms of fatal falls and chances of hip fracture, knee factures are very high in this age group. Factures in knee and hip are caused by trauma, fall from height, or vehicle collision. According to World Health Organization (WHO) 2017, yearly around 1.25 million people die and 20–50 million people experience severe injury and fractures due to road accidents. Rising number of road accidents is thus expected to boost growth of the antibiotic bone cement and casting materials market over the forecast. Sports injuries are also one of the major causes of fractures. Increasing sports and outdoor activity trend and low use of protective equipment during sports, leads to severe sports injuries in joints and this is expected to fuel the antibiotic bone cement and casting material market growth in the near future. According to the National High School Sports Related Injury Surveillance System in 2012, 51,733 sports injury cases accounted for fractures encountered during high school sports. High cost of joint replacement surgeries is a factor expected to restrain antibiotic bone cement and casting materials market growth.

Increasing number of fractures in Western Pacific and South East Asia is expected to aid in growth of the bone cement and casting materials market in Asia Pacific in the near future

On the basis of region, antibiotic bone cement and casting materials market by Coherent Market Insights is segmented in to North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. Western Pacific and South East Asia are expected to be lucrative markets owing to rising prevalence of fatal falls and factures. According to WHO 2017, Western Pacific and south East Asia accounted for 60% of deaths and injuries due to fatal falls. Africa market is also expected to witness a robust growth owing to increasing incidents of accidents. According to WHO Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015, the incidents of accidents in low- and middle-income countries are more, and the accident rate in Africa is highest among all the other regions.

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Development of new materials is expected to aid in growth of the market

A team from the University of Limerick in 2017 developed a new type of cement, which reduces the time needed for orthopedic operations and helps broken bones to heal and conjoin more quickly. The cement mixes together with a mineral called hydroxyapatite, which is found naturally in bones and teeth. The recently approved bone cement has been used successfully in 4,000 operations and thus holds a strong competition for market players.

Key players in bone cement and casting materials market are Smith & Nephew plc, Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Exactech, BSN medical GmbH, 3M Health Care Ltd, Stryker Corporation, Orthofix International, and DePuy Orthopaedics.


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