Apple to Delay Major Software Updates Over Bug Fears

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Apple is planning to slow down the launch of major iPhone features due to fear of short deadlines on quality being faced by the company.

The deadlines of pressure on its developers to put its products at risk of bugs is what Apple is concerned about.

Its latest features include a redesigned home screen for iPhone, iPad, and CarPlay, as well as a revamp of its Photos app. These have been kept on hold for a while after Apple’s Software chief Craig Federighi feared that workers were making mistakes while rushing to finish projects.

New Animojis for the iPhone X and improved usage monitors to track time spent staring at the screen will be ready for the annual iOS update.

The company, known to produce the highest quality phone software with its iOS operating system, had been suffering from bugs over the recent years.

Apple thus intends to slow down its turnaround for its iPhones, hoping to prevent its phones from being affected by the bugs, which are responsible for its fading good reputation.


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