Artificial Intelligence Might Be a Huge Threat in Future

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Experts from the Future of Humanity Institute reveal that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will cause trouble and danger to the society in the next five years, according to a study conducted on February 20, 2018.

Dangers caused by AI is usually considered to have unintentional side effects. According to the researchers, people are nowadays actively using AI for immoral or criminal purposes. Researchers reveal the ways in which AI is expected to cheat us in the coming five years and provides solution to stop it. Miles Brundage, co-author of the paper says that there is no need to panic when AI plans for such awful attacks.

Brundage said, “I like to take the optimistic framing, which is that we could do more.” He also adds that this information about AI is not to scare people and defense methods are available to tackle these actions. The ways in which AI will threaten the security systems are the main focus of this report. Five solutions to tackle the problems were mentioned in the report which included bringing awareness about the harmful uses of AI to AI engineers and the government officials. AI can effortlessly replicate actors by enabling human actors. For instance, spear-phishing is one such threat caused by AI. This attack seems to be very complex, but this software can be used multiple times once it is built.

Another important point mentioned in the report is that there will be new dimensions adding on to the threats that exist. Considering the example of spear phishing, AI, apart from generating fake mails and messages, can also be used in faking audios and videos. Attacks by AI has already emerged and one of this includes face-swapping technology. This technology will be used by them to blackmail and harass people.

Few recommendations were made by the report which included policymakers should be given awareness about the threats, AI world has to protect their systems just like the experts of cyber security, and these discussions should involve more people, apart from the scientists.

The need to find solution to these dangers brings in scope for the Artificial Intelligence-based security market, as elaborated in the Artificial Intelligence-based security market report published by Coherent Market Insights.


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