Bangladesh to be Electrified by India’s NTPC

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Indian Electronic service provider National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. (NTPC) has gained the tender to start up electricity projects in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has been an electronically power starved nation for the last 15 years and to end its misery Bangladesh decided to invite providers by filling out tenders. The decision was taken by Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) stating the need for supply of 500 MW power from India for short term duration (2019 – 2019) and long term duration (2020 – 2033) out of which 300 MW of electricity will be supplied by NTPC, India.

The supply of 300MW electrical energy is a part of India’s strategy of playing a key role in making a new security architecture in respect to neighbors. It will generate NTPC’s annual revenue up to US$ 140,463,000. It will help NTPC to run along with the fast changing power sector, which in the absence of new demands is affecting the entire power sector. Currently India is exporting 600MW electricity to Bangladesh.

According to the NITI Aayog’s draft of National energy policy, India has always focused on neighborhood first policy in South Asia. India already has power grid links with Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh and is building power projects in the three countries. India has been pursuing regularly the closer ties in energy sector with Bangladesh boosting markets to integrate. India is also planning to develop transmission links with Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

State-run Indian Oil Corp. is exploring long term deals with Bangladeshi companies for supplying LPG and other petroleum products. Moreover, there is also plan to systemize large LPG import terminal in partnership with local companies allowing arrival of Chittagong port of Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh electricity crisis clearly explains the need for research and development in the energy sector. The various conventional and non-conventional sources, opportunities and global key challenges of the energy industry have been stated in the report on Energy market published by Coherent Market Insights.


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