Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Market – Attractive Growth Opportunities 2017–2025

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Contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) provide wide range of manufacturing services, which include contract packaging, quality testing, and development service to pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Biopharmaceutical companies prefer CMOs due to complexity in manufacturing process of biomolecules, as they consists of different shape, size, and behavior with significantly complex process than pharmaceutical drugs. Contract manufacturing organizations provide services from development of biologics to commercial scale production. Few companies also provide cell line development, fermentation, process optimization, and analytical characterization. Improved efficiency, weak product pipeline, and increasing price pressure is expected to favor the growth of biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market in near future.

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Increasing outsourcing services in biopharmaceutical industry is expected to fuel the growth of biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market

Pelican Therapeutics and subsidiary of Heat Biologics entered into a manufacturing agreement with KBI Biopharma in September, 2017. As per the agreement, KBI biopharma will provide development and manufacturing service under biopharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) for cGMP production of an antibody (PTX-35) and a fusion protein (PTX-15). Pelican Therapeutics intends to develop immunotherapy drugs by mimicking the production of antigen-specific T-cells. In May 2016, pelican received grant around US$ 15.2 million by Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) to its manufacturing efforts in immunotherapies for lung, pancreatic, lymphoma, prostate, and ovarian cancers.

Ajinomoto Althea, Inc., announced a GMP production suite in newly established High Potency Products (HPP) manufacturing site located in San Diego, California, in September 2017. Currently, Althea is offering process development and analytical services to the clients and from November 2017, the company will provide facilities for GMP manufacturing of bioconjugation and complex formulation. Apart from this services, Althea is aiming to provide full manufacturing services including fill-and-finish, which will start off in 2018.

Archaogen, Inc., received contract value from Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) around US$ 18 million in the support of product development, named C-Scape in September 2017. It is an orally administered antibacterial candidate developed to treat bacterial infections caused by the family of Enterobacteriaceae producing Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase (ESBL).

According to the annual report of BioPlan Associates, 2017, ongoing trends influencing the biopharmaceutical manufacturing growth are increasing international manufacturing centers, which include China and expansion of biosimilars and cell-and-gene therapy approvals.

Reducing cost and focusing on core strengths is expected to fuel the growth of biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market

According to the Journal of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in 2017, major factors driving the growth of biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market include minimizing risk by outsourcing with other biopharma to achieve efficient product in minimum time interval, switching over the large biopharma companies to strengthen the weak pipeline product, and to cut off the costs of product development without risking financial investments. Moreover, CMOs offer services to companies lacking the capability to develop formula or product.

The key players in biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market include Lonza Group Ltd., ProBioGen AG, Boehringher Ingelheim, BIOMEVA GmbH, Celonic GmbH, Sandoz, Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnology, and Rentschler Biotechnologie.

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Global Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Market Taxonomy:

On the basis of contract type, product type, and therapeutic application, global biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market is segmented into:

By Contract Type: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API),Fill-And-Finished,.

By Product Type: Interferons,Monoclonal Antibodies,Recombinant Hormone,Proteins,Vaccines,Vitamins,Insulin.

By Therapeutic Applications: Oncology,Autoimmune Diseases,Metabolic Diseases,Cardiovascular Diseases,Neurology,Infectious Diseases,Others,.


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