Bose Plans to Develop Prototype AR Glasses

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Bose, U.S-based manufacturer of audio equipment invested US$ 50 million for development of new AR platform

Bose is known for manufacturing of noise-canceling headphones, soundbars, and subwoofers. Recently company announced that it is working on Augmented Reality (AR) glasses. These new AR glasses can not only visualize but also hear audio signals. The company is using minuscule acoustics package, which is built into the frame of the glasses to produce sound. They will be without earbuds or headphones to pair with them. However, the company did not disclose the pricing and availability of this product in market.

“Bose AR represents a new kind of augmented reality — one that’s made for anyone and every day,” said John Gordon, Vice President, Bose Consumer Electronics Division. “It places audio in your surroundings, not digital images, so you can focus on the amazing world around you — rather than a tiny display. It knows which way you’re facing, and can instantly connect that place and time with endless possibilities for travel, learning, music and more. And it can be added to products and apps we already use and love, removing some of the big obstacles that have kept AR on the sidelines.”

The glasses can be built into headphones, eyewear, helmet, as wearable device. It can detect simple head gestures and voice or a tap on the wearable to control content. The glasses has various applications such as they can translate road signs in a foreign language and read them aloud or explain the story behind a painting in a museum. They can also register movement, so that user can potentially change music with gestures such as nodding or shaking head. Also, they can add useful information based on eye sight of user such as the forecast when user looks up or information about restaurants on the street when user looks down.


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