Boston Dynamics Revealed Clip of its New Robot Opening Doors

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Boston Dynamics— leading robotics company—revealed footage of its latest robot opening doors for another robot without arms, on February 14, 2018.

The robot named SpotMini, was inspired by a dog and cane, as it has four legs similar to a dog’s and long-reaching hand similar to a crane.

A yellow robot can be seen in the clip, it walks up to a lab door, turns the handle to open the door using its front-facing claw, allowing a fellow robot without arms to leave the room.

The robotics company, posted the clip on YouTube and provide very little extra information about its robot and commercialization of it for application in various industries.

The clip instantly went viral on social media and received around a thousand shares overnight. This was a progression from the first version of SpotMini, launched by the company in 2017, which was capable of assisting humans with basic household chores and could climb the staircase as well.

The company’s chief executive revealed a nightmare inducing a 6 feet-5 inch, two-wheeler known as Handle. The video clip depicting Handle showed the robot lifting up 100lbs crates and effortlessly jumping onto a 4-feet platform. The robot was then modified to be able to backflip.


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