Breadbot Automated Machine to Bake Fresh Bread in Real-Time

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Wilkinson Baking Company developed automate bread baking machine called as BreadBot to bake fresh breads for major grocers such as Walmart and Kroger

The company was engaged into developing a prototype for the machine from past10 years and now it showcased the device at SXSW in Austin, Texas on March 11, 2018. The bot is capable of mixing, kneading, rolling out, and baking fresh loaves of bread. The machine is integrated with sensors, which help to roll out one loaf in 90 minutes. However, automated machine cannot bake cinnamon buns and raisin breads.

The machine features a built-in hopper to store dry ingredients such as flour and yeast. Dry ingredients for one loaf are dropped from the hopper and mixed with water at interval of six minutes. Furthermore, the machine has ultrasonic measuring system to monitor amount of water, which is flowed by kneading of dough. The procedure is powered by a built-in PC in the base of the machine.

The kneaded dough is dropped on a conveyor belt, where a laser detects its presence and time taken for compression of dough. The machine adjusts the amount of water according to time, followed by quick roll out of loaves. It takes 45 minutes to bake for each loaf after getting on baking pan. Furthermore, final product is monitored by laser and photo is also taken for color matching to ensure the bread is in shade of brown.

The company aims to set up these machines in major stores to allow pre-order of specific bread recipes. The company will also offer these machines online so they can talk to each other and learn from their recipe experiences. For instance, a machine in Colorado will let a machine in Miami know how it bakes bread in specific temperature and humidity situations and vice versa.


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