Cable Car & Ropeways Market Estimated To Witness a Phenomenal Growth by 2025

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Ropeway conveyors is a type of gondola lift, which is specifically designed to transport goods through containers. These type of gondola lifts are majorly used in mining industry, where materials are transferred over long distance. The adoption of such conveyors have increased in the recent past in material handling industry, owing to their benefits over conventional conveyors such as reduced downtime and minimized recurring failures.  Furthermore, availability of variety of ropeways such as monocable, bicable/tricable, & others from local as well as international vendors has increased the adoption of ropeway conveyors at a considerable rate.

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Cable transportation systems includes cables, to travel from one end to another, especially at high altitudes places. Ropeways are generally used as a public transportation systems for carrying goods & passengers in cities as well as in mountain areas. Global cable car & ropeway market is expected to witness moderate growth during the forecast period. This market growth is attributed to increasing adoption of cable cars & ropeways in tourism industry to attract more customer base, introduction of cable cars in public transport, steady growth of material handling industry where ropeways & cable cars are used for transit, and introduction of technologically advanced products by key market players. For instance, in 2016, Government of India launched an initiative to develop cable cars at four locations in Karnataka, to promote tourism activities. However, high costs associated with these airlifts and stringent safety & security norms such as EU cableway directive 2000/9/EC, which relates to installations designed to carry a person, may hamper the market growth.

Constant technological advancements is one of the major factors for growth of cable cars and ropeways market. For instance, The Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group offers tricable gondola detachable (TGD) ropeways that combines the advantages of reversible aerial tramway and gondola lift. Furthermore, detachable installations have gained significant traction across end users, owing to its ability to detach the vehicle in the station from rope, which enables higher speed on the line and lower speed at station. This makes boarding and de-boarding of passengers convenient, comfortable, and safer.

Innovation in cable cars & ropeway technology and designs is expected to boost the market growth

Key market players in the global cable car & ropeway industry are focusing on upgrading the technology and designs of their products. The primary factor for this continuous innovation is complete satisfaction of customers in terms of safety, comfort, and security of the transit. For instance, SigmaCabins, a France-based company and provider of carriers for ropeway transport, offers a variety of designs, shapes, and curves on cable cars that adapts to the surrounding environment and are comfortable for the travelers. Furthermore, LEITNER, a global provider of cable cars & ropeways, launched new 8-seater ‘Jufen’ chairlift in January 2018, which incorporates latest generation ropeway technology to provide greater transport capacity and comfort.

Airlifts as a mode of public transit

Cable cars or airlifts can be alternative solution for growing traffic congestions across cities, worldwide. Rising population and growing per capita spending on automotive industry has led to excessive traffic congestions and increasing pollution levels. Therefore, cableways of transit can offer effective alternative solution to reduce traffic congestion and also aid in reducing pollution. Furthermore, it can offer benefits such as cost-effective transportation.

However, implementation of this is a challenge, owing to a variety of geographical economic constraints. Cable cars have been implemented as a public transit mode in several countries such as Colombia, Bolivia, Hong Kong, and Turkey; however, is still not widely accepted. Also, factors such as high costs of cable cars & related services and safety & security concerns are major challenging factors for growth of the market.


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