Canadian Researchers Have Developed Super Capacitor that Charges Smartphones In Real-Time.

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On September 25, 2017, as reported by Republic TV, scientists have developed a new technology that can reduce the time taken to charge devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and electric vehicles to a considerable minimum duration.

New technology evolved by scientists that can noticeably enhance energy-storage devices is named as super capacitors. The technology has the capacity to double the amount of electrical energy that the high-speed charging devices can hold, making it useful for devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, electric vehicles, and high-powered lasers. In addition to comparatively faster charging, super capacitors have benefits such as very fast rate of charging, improved safety measures, and reliability thereby making it as a guaranteed green alternative to the traditional batteries.

Scientists said that due to their low storage capacity, applications to the technology are limited. Existing commercial super capacitors only store sufficient energy, for example, to power cellphones and laptops for about 10 per cent as long as rechargeable batteries. In order to increase that capacity, scientists have developed a technique to coat atomically thin layers of a conductor called graphene with an oily liquid salt in super capacitor electrodes. The liquid salt separates the thin graphene sheets, preventing them from being stacked like pieces of paper. This increases their exposed surface area. The liquid salt does double duty as the electrolyte needed to actually store electrical charge, reducing size and weight of the super capacitor.
Once the super capacitors are available with increased capacity, they will be able to save energy used by high power vehicles and devices. The technology is expected to create a boom in the Consumer Electronics Market. The report on the same published by Coherent Market Insights gives an overview of the market showing scope, opportunities and possible advancements in future.


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