Capsulie Can Help Coffee Lovers to Blend Their Own Single-Serve Capsules

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Capsulier allows users to blend their own capsules with minimum brew time rather than brewing a whole pot of coffee.

Capsulier creates the perfect blend by pouring in the right beans. Reusable capsules are placed inside the machine, where the grinder automatically fills each one efficiently and consistently. Each capsule is then sealed to keep the aroma and flavors as fresh as possible. The entire process only takes a few minutes. Capsulier is compatible with many voice-control apps such as Amazon Alexa. There is also a mobile app for creating a schedule so fresh capsules can be ready each morning.

One issue that is often overlooked with capsule-based coffee machines is their impact on the earth. Tiny plastic cups add up quick when multiplied by all the families across the globe. Capsulier offers a greener solution by providing reusable capsules made using stainless steel. When a capsule is used, users can just wash it out and create a new one. Users can create custom blends without daunting. It is easy to try small samples of coffee while building a taste profile for when users look for beans on their own.

According to Smart Technologies report published by Coherent Market Insights, Smart Kitchen products have provided increased convenience to monitor the cooking processes when away from homes, through smart products that can be remotely monitored and controlled via connected devices. Capsulier is currently available for pre-order on kickstarter with prices beginning at US$ 179. The homemade capsules are compatible with all Nespresso machines, with K-Cup compatibility coming soon. To keep that coffee from cooling down too fast, the Ember Ceramic Mug  holds the desired temperature throughout the day. Users won’t have to worry about their coffee staying too hot to drink or becoming so cold it loses its flavor.


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