Cleo Robotics Developed Small Light-weight Drone

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Cleo Robotics Inc. introduced their tiny drone Cleo at CES 2017, on February 14, 2018.

Canadian engineers developed a donut-shaped drone, as a result of the hardships they faced while flying the huge ones. The prototype of their tiny drone, named Cleo, was first showcased at CES 2017 event. The Cleo is small and light enough to fit into someone’s pocket, and it can be controlled in the most convenient way possible, through a smartphone app.

Cleo is well-equipped with an HD video camera, and is not a quadcopter, unlike other drones. Its body is ducted, with two propellers inside it. The drone has grates on the top and bottom of its body, which helps protect users from cutting their fingers while the blades are in motion. This makes it possible to grab the drone while it is flying.

Eleryan, co-founders of the company said, “We introduce control surfaces into the airstream to change the direction of the airflow and create a thrust vectoring effect.” The company revealed plans to further advance the techniques of operating Cleo. It intends to add an obstacle avoidance system and an indoor navigation system. The company has high hopes that the Cleo drone would be widely used by hobbyists, as well as in the security industry.


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