Dance Movement Therapy Relieves Addictions and Psychological Disorders

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American Dance Therapy Association took up initiative to relieve addictions through Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) and further explore the treatment for psychological disorders.

The American Dance Therapy Association defines dance movement therapy “as the psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, social, cognitive, and physical integration of the individual.” Dance is an expressive form of communication and helps those to let out their feelings who cannot do so in verbally communicative therapies. Some people with drug or alcohol addictions have trouble in expressing their feelings or thoughts or even describing their personal experiences that may have taken them into trauma.

DMT includes freestyle dance steps, ballets or Latin salsa or choreographed dance moves that are exercised with or without music. Dance therapists use creative movements as a medium used for the people to open up or help them express themselves. Dance has the ability to provoke deepest communicational channels that may have been stuck in an individual for a long time. The therapy targets an individual’s personality traits including emotions, mental reach, physical well-being, and social behavior.

DMT helps people in recovering the addictions by providing a voice to feelings, thoughts, emotions, and taboo topics that prove difficult to be produced. It also helps in recovering the person from trauma, helps to open up the buried emotions that are painfully inside since a long time. It further releases the individual of his/her inner fears, conflicts and worries.

One of the major principles of DMT is that it works on healing of the body and mind together as they are interconnected thereby obliterating the need to go for separate healing sessions for both respectively. Psychologically it works on eliminating the traumas, sleeplessness, chronic pain or severe tension, it also can reflect a person’s unconscious state of mind and personality.

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