Discrete Capacitors Market is recurring & impressive growth generating sector

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Presence of significant original design manufacturers (ODMs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in Asia Pacific region is expected to be the primary reason for the exceptionally high demand for discrete capacitors. Moreover, presence of large consumer base and their increased inclination towards smart infrastructure, IoT and several other cutting edge technologies along with the requirement of conventional electronic products and equipment, will provide strong demands for the component over the next few years.

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Discrete capacitors are electronic components utilized in circuits that employ two or multiple conductive metal plates separated by different forms of dielectric material based on the application requirements. These components find indispensable applications in almost all the industry segments that utilize any form of electronics or electrical manufacturing, primarily owing to the increasing requirement of energy efficiency across the globe. Increasing demands for these products is primarily driven by the downstream production requirements, which include telecommunications, computing, consumer appliances & devices, and industrial electronics.

Proliferation of IoT and connected infrastructure is anticipated to be the major industry growth driver

Proliferation of connected devices such as smartphones and wearable devices have provided significant impetus for growth of consumer electronics and telecommunication segments. However, with the advent of IoT, emergence of new requirements for advanced wearable devices, industrial automation, smart homes, automated cars, and smart and connected infrastructure are expected to provide substantial demands for supporting equipment, in turn fueling growth of the discrete capacitors market over the next few years. Moreover, advancements in the miniaturization of the electronic devices will enhance the requirement of the less space consuming and efficient discrete capacitors.

Growing focus on renewable energy sources and technological advancements in these components will present strong growth prospects

Electronics industry participants have witnessed increased inclination towards tantalum capacitors, for pulse discharge, decoupling and bypass in electronic circuitry. Moreover, advancement in the components that include increased charge capacity, compact sizes and advent of supercapacitors that have the potential to replace lithium-ion batteries are expected to provide significant momentum to the industry growth. In June 2017, ZapGo Ltd. announced plans to mass produce the Carbon-ion cells in collaboration with Li-Fun Technology Ltd., which utilizes the fast charging concept of superchargers. Furthermore, requirement to provide low emission and environmental friendly energy generation has led to increased demands for renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy generation. Requirement of these component in inverter circuit and DC link will also largely contribute to the discrete capacitors market growth.

Ceramic based components segment to retain its dominance in the discrete capacitors market

According to Coherent Market Insights’ research, ceramic segment accounts for around 60% of the overall industry share primarily owing to wide ranged applications and extensive portfolio. These include single layered discs, MLC radial, MLC axial, MLCC, and configurations such as MLC arrays, low inductance LICA chips, and doorknob capacitors. Moreover, low cost availability and advancements in technologies to enhance the performance characteristics such as addition of flexible termination layer, by AVX Corp. will provide increased applications for factor correction and power storage over the forecast period.

Discrete capacitors market is characterized with intensive competition owing to the fragmented industry presence of large vendors having global presence. Chief industry participants include American Technical Ceramics Corporation, CSI Capacitors Inc., Johanson Dielectrics, Inc., American Technical Ceramics, KEMET Electronics Corporation, Matsuo Electric Co., Ltd., Maxwell Technologies, Murata Manufacturing Company, Panasonic Corporation, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics

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