Duo Users Can Leave Video and Voice Messages to Unavailable Users

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Google now allows Duo users to send 30 second messages to their contacts despite them being offline, through its latest update.

Google is known for its messaging platform of Hangouts, Allo and Duo is for consumers and Hangouts Meet/Chat for business users. Google has never been clear about what Hangouts was meant to actually do, and users have not been able to figure that out either. The number of users of these apps are not as widespread as other dominant apps such as WhatsApp, however, they have been known as competent messaging and video chat apps.

Google has updated the Duo app for the convenience of those using it, with a new feature allowing them to leave in voice messages and videos of 30 seconds, when the person they are attempting to get in touch with is unavailable to answer the call.

Once the user is back on the app, they would be able to view all their messages and your contact will see them in the Duo app. After viewing the video or listening to the message, the contact can make a call right back to the one who left a message. While the opposite user can do the same, either receive the call or let it go to videomail.

Google has enabled end-to-end encryption for all its messages and that the update is soon expected to roll out to Android and iOS users, and that all users worldwide can expected to see it within the next few days.


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