Ear-Worn Thermometers to Care for Sick Kids

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Ear-worn thermometers have been developed to take care of sick kids in an easier way, according to a report published on March 13, 2018.

The temperature of kids who are sick has to be monitored on an hourly basis. As the thermometer has to be put into the child’s ear evertyime, it causes discomfort to the kids. Recently, a non-invasive method has been introduced by Cosinuss, a fitness monitoring company. This method made use of an ear-worn thermometer called Degree, which looks similar to a hearing aid. The inner-ear IR sensor was used as a medical tool by the thermometer.

This thermometer has a Bluetooth radio and battery that is placed behind the kid’s ear. From the information received through the system, vital signs of sickness are transmitted to a smartphone. When the kid starts falling sick, this has to be popped into the kid’s ear. The phone will alert the user if the condition gets worse and can consult a doctor for further treatment. Also, this system informs the user when the fever symptoms are within the limits, thereby avoiding panicking. Useful tips on how to care for a toddler is also given by this device.

This device was developed by Greta Kreuzer, CEO when her daughter was suffering from febrile seizure. This is a useful innovation, however, the company is not sure about this method as a solution to the problem. Degree can be pre-ordered from Indiegogo at a price of €99 and will be on sale from May, 2018. This development is expected to increase the growth of medical sensors market, as elaborated in the Medical Sensors Market report published by Coherent Market Insights.


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