Ebay Launches AR-Powered Feature to Help Sellers Find the Right Box for Their Item

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Ebay launches a new AR-powered feature that helps the sellers to figure out the best suitable box for packing their items, according to a report published on March 20, 2018.

The company says that this new technology can be used for a wide range of products such as kitchenware, backpacks or automotive parts. This could save the time of users, as it exactly points out the USPS Flat Rate shipping box that are perfect for their items. This technology will be useful for sellers, as they can avoid their trip to post office in search of right-size box and calculation of shipping costs will be provided by the app. This is the first feature to be built using ARCore platform of Google and at present, this feature is available only in Android devices that are enabled with ARCore platform.

The position of phone and sensors responsible for movement and orientation are understood by this new feature with the help of concurrent odometry and mapping. To use this feature in eBay app, the user has to select the option ‘selling’ followed by ‘which box’ after opening the app. Further, the user will be given instructions to place the item to be packed on a non-reflective surface such as table or floor. The user can try on different virtual boxes and select the one that fits the best. Also, if the item is fragile, space for extra padding can be left. Ebay is working on the iOS version of the same feature, however, they have not revealed the time of release of the same.


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