Ecobee to Launch New Voice-Powered Light Switch

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Ecobee to launch new voice-powered light switch, according to a report published on March 13, 2018.

Echo Dot, a voice-controlled device that uses Alexa was affordable and easy to install at homes.After the launch of this device, Alexa is now available in a lot of homes. For better integration of Alexa into homes, Ecobee has come up with Switch+. Ecobee has gained popularity for its connected thermostats. There are few other products that are built by this company and they are developing a close connection with Amazon Alexa. Switch+ is the most recent technology of this company with Amazon Alexa, as it includes Alexa Voice Service and microphone arrays for far-field voice detection. An echo is put in the wall by these microphone arrays.

When a motion is detected in the room, lights can be turned on or off using Ecobee app. Some of the smart features included in it includes an integrated nightlight, which is switched off automatically after 15 minutes of no motion, automatic on and off at sunset and sunrise, and ambient light detection, which will be turned on only when the room is pitch-black.

Similar to the working of Belkin’s Wemo, this new technology is a connected light switch. Full compatibility with Alexa, HomeKit, and Assistant were offered by the company for remote voice control. Also, by acting as a command center, Alexa has gone a step forward. Switch+ can now be preordered from the company and few retail partners, which include Amazon. The retail price of Switch+ is US$ 99. It is built in such a way that they can work with most of the standard light switches. However, this will not work with two-way switches where same light is controlled using many switches. The shipping of this product will start on March 26, 2018.


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