Effective Treatment can be provided to Migraine Sufferers

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Researchers reveal that effective help can be provided for migraine sufferers, according to a study conducted on September 22, 2017.

Even now, people who suffer from intense migraine headache are not provided with the effective treatment and is frequently undiagnosed. Until now, to lie in a dark room was the remedy for migraine. Researchers say that migraine, apart from a bad headache, is a very complex neurological disorder, which can be genetic in nature.

Juline Bryson, a neurologist and headache specialist said, “It’s a strong hereditary trait. If one of your parents has migraine, there’s a 50 percent chance you will, too. If both parents have it, there’s a 75 percent chance.” Brain of such people is abnormally sensitive to few stimuli. People who suffer from migraine are not able to see clearly, feel clumsy, cannot think straight and feel nauseous when the brain is irritated and slows down every function of it. Also, it causes throbbing pain when there is increased blood flow in the super-sensitive blood vessels.

Factors such as fluctuation in estrogen levels in women, a drop in barometric pressure and anything that causes inflammation can trigger migraine and make it worse for few patients. Even though there are good medications available, everyone does not respond to these medications. In the next two or three years, new class of medications specifically for migraine will be released. These treatment methods are not just using drugs. It also includes sleep studies, relaxation techniques, physical therapy and exercise. However, no treatment method has been found to eliminate migraine.

It is recommended that people should consult a doctor as soon as they start suffering from migraine. This study will help to find new medicines for migraine and thereby, will increase the growth of migraine drugs market, as detailed in the Migraine Drugs Market report published by Coherent Market Insights.


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