EHang Releases Footage of its Passenger Drone Flight Test

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EHang revealed its latest test flight through a video footage featuring its 184 personal Autonomous Aerial Vehicle, on February 10, 2018.

The EHang 184 is a drone flight that has the capacity to transport a single person at up to 130kph in Force 7 typhoon conditions. The company intends to improve its passenger experience by installing an optional manual control for passengers with piloting experience to easily manage operating the AAV manually.

The company has also developed and tested a two-seater craft with a carrier capacity of 280kg. EHang received AS9100C certification, which is a widely adopted standardized aerospace industry quality management system, in 2017.

Rob Enderle, principal analyst said “The power needed to lift and hold a vehicle in the air massively reduces [a drone’s]effective flying distance. Until this power problem is addressed, flying drones will be more of a technology showcase than effective transportation.” He further added that this would slowly change and the economics of flight travels would progressively reduce, making it accessible to maximum people in no time.

Several drone makers are currently experimenting with hybrids powered by electricity as well as gasoline or diesel, as battery-powered flights, could experience catastrophic battery failures. This would also result in extremely hot vehicles falling out of the sky, in turn causing environmental damage as well as excess losses for the drone company


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