Elastic Surgical Glue can Seal Wounds in Real-Time

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Highly elastic and adhesive surgical glue can be squirted on wounds to seal them within 60 seconds, minimizing the need for stitches.

Researchers at University of Sydney in Australia and Harvard University in the US developed a glue, called MeTro, which can seal wounds in body tissues that are at risk of re-opening such as lungs, hearts and arteries. The glue also works on internal wounds that are often in hard-to-reach areas and have typically required staples or sutures due to surrounding body fluid hampering the effectiveness of other sealants. MeTro sets in just 60 seconds once treated with UV light. The technology has a built-in degrading enzyme, which can be modified to determine the lasting time of sealant from hours to months. The liquid or gel-like material has quickly and successfully sealed incisions in the arteries and lungs of rodents and the lungs of pigs, without the need for sutures and staples.

MeTro combines the natural elastic protein technologies with light sensitive molecules. “The beauty of the MeTro formulation is that, as soon as it comes in contact with tissue surfaces, it solidifies into a gel-like phase without running away,” said Nasim Annabi, assistant professor at Northeastern University in the US. “We then further stabilize it by curing it on-site with a short light-mediated crosslinking treatment,” said Annabi, lead author of the study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

According to Surgical Glues Market report published by Coherent Market Insights, elastic surgical glue that can quickly seal even the toughest wounds in seconds without stitches or staples. MeTro has potential applications in treating serious internal wounds at emergency sites such as following car accidents and in war zones and improving hospital surgeries.


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