ERRγ Molecule Maintains the Identity of Energy-Burning Brown Fat

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Researchers discovered that a protein in brown fat plays a major role in the functioning of energy-burning brown fat cells, according to a study conducted on March 13, 2018.

Apart from providing information on how our body responds to cold weather conditions, this study can be used to control the amount of brown fat in our body by developing new methods. Large amounts of brown fat in human body increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and fatty liver disease. Until now, babies alone were considered to have brown fat in the body. However, studies conducted later have shown that brown fat is present in bodies of adults as well. The amount of brown fat is more in people who have low body mass indexes (BMIs). The main focus of researchers was on estrogen-related receptor gamma (ERRγ), as this gene is active at high levels in brown fat cells.

The study was conducted on mice and the mice, which lacked ERRγ molecule was found to have brown fat cells similar to white cells in that mice. Also, when the mice was exposed to cold temperatures, it was not able to maintain its body temperature. There are no differences in the weight or metabolism of the mice. Normal mice was able to handle the temperature drop, however, mice that lacked ERRγ was not able to tolerate the cold. From the experiments, researchers concluded that ERRγ plays a major role in maintaining the identity of brown fat and its ability to respond to cold temperatures.

Researchers are planning to conduct studies that look into the effect of actuating ERRγ in white fat cells. This, in turn, would help in developing drugs to treat obesity and diabetes, and is expected to increase the growth of Weight Loss and Weight Management Market, as detailed in the weight loss and weight management market report published by Coherent Market Insights.


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