Fitbit Launched Its New Fitness Smartwatch Versa

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Fitbit has launched a fitness smartwatch known as Versa, according to a report published on March 13, 2018.

Iconic, the first smartwatch by Fitbit was a failure as it lacked the polish that was required. They have now come up with a smartwatch called as Versa, which is a friendlier fitness smartwatch. The body of this gadget is an aluminum squircle that gives a better look than Iconic. The smartwatch, which is 11.2mm thick is the thinnest smartwatch Fitbit has produced so far. The LCD screen of the watch is 1.34-inch square and it has a storage capacity of 4GB. It does not have a built in GPS and that is the reason for the battery to stay for over four days. In the earlier smartwatch by Fitbit, the user could not respond to notifications. However, with Versa, the user can respond to the notifications with the help of an Android phone.

This smartwatch is said to be a companion for people who workout. The redesigned dashboard of this watch is capable of providing crucial stats to the user. Coach app provides feedback to the user about their workout and upgrades those exercise routine in the device. It is expected that future smartwatches of Fitbit will provide personalized suggestions and reminders to the users. Another important feature of this watch is that it identifies women users and provides them with details of their menstrual cycle. The user, with the help of Fitbit’s health model, gets a countdown to the next period.

The advantage of Fitbit is that the feedback offered by the customers are considered by them and a new model of the product is bought in with small changes. This new fitness smartwatch of Fitbit will go on sale in April, 2018. This technology is expected to increase the growth of wearable sensor market, as elaborated in the wearable sensor market report published by Coherent Market Insights.


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