Fitbit’s Xbox App Allows for Workouts between Games

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Fitbit and Xbox have developed a video game that allows users to play and workout during intervals,

The game was created with an aim to motivate more people to get in shape by making workouts fun.

Fitbit Coach was released on January17, 2018, and was available in the Microsoft Store for users to download the app on Windows 10 and Xbox.

Once a user gains access to the Fitbit Coach app for Xbox, they have access to one personalized program and a selection of audio and video workouts. The Fitbit Coach Premium subscription will allow users to gain access to more programs and unlimited workouts for US$ 40 per year.

To make use of Fitbit Coach on a console or computer, a user is required to have a Microsoft Xbox One (One, One S, One X) or a Windows 10 PC, such as a Surface Laptop or Surface Pro. Fitbit recommends users to don a smartwatch to enhance user experience.

If one uses a Fitbit device, they would be able to view their heart rate in real time on a television screen. “Knowing your heart rate and which heart rate zone you’re in will help you optimize your intensity and help Fitbit better measure your calorie burn,” Fitbit noted on its blog.

The app’s video workouts show exercises alongside step-by-step instructions, motivation, and tips. The music that plays in the background of the workout is customizable and is powered by, which promises a wide range of stations.

Fitbit Coach is available in several languages such as English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.


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