Footbeat Shoe Wearable can Improve Lower Body Circulation

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New wearable by Footbeat features a small yet powerful engine to provide precise, cyclic compression to the arch of the foot.

The shoe wearable is avaible as either insoles or an entire shoe system, which includes a pair of sneakers that the company calls Mocs. The Footbeat claims to speed recovery, remove metabolic waste such as lactate, and assist in proper healing by increasing circulation throughout your lower body. It is beneficial for people recovering from an edema, venous insufficiency, lymphedema, plantar fasciitis, foot ulcers, and peripheral neuropathy. Footbeat assists the user to get back on their feet and active once again.

In January 2017, AVEX LLC, the Colorado-based medical device company behind Footbeat, announced that it had raised US$ 7.6 million to launch the wearable later in the year. “We’re bringing a device to market that will transform lives through improved health and athletic recovery,” said AVEX CEO Matt Mayer.

In the arch of the insole lies a foot pump or plantar venous plexus. When the wearable is turned on, the pump applies pressure in regular intervals to the arch of your foot, mimicking the pressure created by walking around or running. The single-pulse massage motion is applied to the bottom of the foot (every 35 seconds for Footbeat Health and every 20 seconds for the Footbeat Sport). The pad rises into the arch of the foot and holds for two seconds.

According to Wearable Medical Devices Market report published by Coherent Market Insights, wearable medical devices consist of sensors attached to the body, which detects and monitor changes in different parts of body and organ. Footbeat can be used in active recovery for people with poor lower body circulation. While clinical studies suggest that Footbeat is indeed quite effective system. The entire system including the shoes, insoles, and a remote for easy control of the massaging pressure is priced for US$ 449.


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