Fresh Onion Grown in Space

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Astronauts grew fresh vegetables on the International Space Station, according to reports published on April 2, 2018.

A NASA astronaut, Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev grew an onion in space that sprouted green in microgravity, showing it off to the world, as he landed on Earth on March 23 along with two NASA astronauts.

Artemyev tweeted a post that shows his veggie in front of a space station window with Earth as a backdrop. The onion seems surprisingly fresh for the unusual location, space. The green tops of the onion and can be chopped up to be used like a seasoning.

Artemyev previously brought an onion along during his ISS mission in 2014. Along with his 2018 photo on Twitter, he also shared an older image of a space suit holding his previous onion.

Artemyev in 2014, said “It’s a real challenge. As soon as it starts growing and catches the eye of a crew member, everyone wants a taste.”


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