Gluten-Free Diet May Help Reduce Neuropathic Pain

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Researchers reveal that gluten-free diet may help people with neuropathic pain, according to a study conducted on February 28, 2018.

Researchers have found a connection between gluten sensitivity and peripheral neuropathy. If a person has pain in any nerve and is sensitive to gluten, they will be diagnosed with gluten neuropathy. They conducted a study which included 60 people who suffered from gluten neuropathy. They collected data, which included pain intensity, other symptoms of neuropathy, about their mental health and about their strictness in following gluten-free diet.

Compared to the participants who did not follow a strict gluten-free diet, people who followed the diet were free of pain. 56 percent of them were on the diet and did not have any pain, and 21 percent of them had neuropathic pain. After considering age, sex and status of mental health, they came to a conclusion that people who followed the diet were 89 percent less likely to suffer from neuropathic pain.

Researchers also found that mental health assessment score, which had 100 as the best score, was worse for people who suffered from gluten neuropathy. People with this problem scored 76 and people with painless gluten neuropathy scored 87.

Panagiotis Zis, lead author said, “This study is promising because it shows that a gluten-free diet may help lower the risk of pain for people with gluten neuropathy. More research is needed to confirm these results and to determine whether the gluten-free diet led to the reduction in pain.”

This study would help in developing new methods for the treatment of nervous disorder and therefore, is expected to increase the growth of neurostimulation devices market, as elaborated in the neurostimulation devices market report published by Coherent Market Insights.


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