Google Home Devices and Chromecast to Interfere with Wi-Fi Networks

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Google has confirmed an issue with its Google Home and Chromecast products that can cause home Wi-Fi network to crash.

Google Home or Chromecast may be affecting home Wi-Fi. According to a TP-Link engineer who investigated the problem, the crash is caused by Google’s device sending hundreds of thousands of data packets in a short amount of time, a traffic spike that can crash routers commonly found in home. The issue reportedly affects routers from ASUS, Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, and Synology, which covers most brands you’re likely to find in your home.

A Google spokesperson seemingly confirmed the issue and Google’s engineering team is working quickly to share a solution. TP-Link explained that, our Engineering Team is confident that they’ve determined one of the key origins of the issue. The issue appears to be related to some recent releases of Android OS and Google Apps. This issue stems from these devices Cast feature, which sends MDNS multicast discovery packets in order to keep a live connection with Google products such as Google Home. These packets normally sent in a 20-second interval.

However, the devices sometimes broadcast a large amount of these packets at a very high speed in a short amount of time.  This occurs when the device is awakened from the sleep mode and could exceed more than 100,000 packets in a short amount of time.  This issue may eventually cause some of router’s primary features to shut down including wireless connectivity.

According to Industrial Routers Market Report published by Coherent Market Insights, industrial routers are sturdy devices used to connect two or more systems or devices wherein the information transmission is restricted to the required ports. TP-Link has fixed the problem for its users with a firmware to the router, which should allow it to handle the sudden burst of packets without crashing. Similar problems with a different router can be solved by unplugging the Google device, which is causing the issue.


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