Google Introduces Multi-Functional Hangouts Chat

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On March 1, 2018, Google has launched Hangouts Chat that supports instant messaging across devices between workers, including group conversations. It also allows users to integrate widgets to access data from other corporate software in a chat window.

Hangouts chat can be viewed placed in Google’s G suite, a software package suitable for offices which includes word processing tool and emails that charges US$ 25 per user each month for which more than 4 million businesses globally pay. Initially in 2013 Hangouts were launched as a free service. Google is pursuing a free version of Hangouts as it does for Gmail and Docs. Currently the paid version of Hangouts has 8000 members. Although controls are available, messages are saved by default. Hangouts Chat is compatible with linking of companies’ databases. For instance, teams at Google have integrated their bug-tracking, employee directory and IT support systems.

They also can use Google-developed artificial intelligence services, such as a meeting scheduler tool that sets group meeting times based on its understanding of individuals’ work habits. The customers also have the option of using Google made artificial intelligence services, such as meeting scheduler that enables the user to sort out her/his daily plans at one glance. Google is expected to bring similar artificial intelligence to its calendar software, with a system that suggests a meeting location after analyzing a company’s conference room listings and seating chart. Hangouts Chat also pairs with Hangouts Meet, teleconferencing software that Google released last year.

This development will enhance the communication capabilities of company as it includes linking of databases that makes it easy for the user to compare the information to be shared. The Information and Communication Technology Market report published by Coherent market Insights.


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