Google Lens Will be Available to All Google Photos Users on Android

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Google Lens will be available to all Android users, according to a report published in TechCrunch on March 7, 2018.

The visual search engine of Google known as Google Lens will be available to all Google Photos users on Android. Earlier, this was available only to people who had access to latest Pixel phones. So, this is considered as a major growth of Lens. Google promises that iOS users will be soon able to access Lens in Google Photos, however, they are not sure when exactly it will be available to them.

This feature can be both annoying and useful although they are not essential to the users. Although, users does not want Lens to tell them that they are in front of Eiffel Tower, Lens can provide information about sights to the users, which is quite useful. They can also be used to scan business cards, which is another important use of Lens. However, nowadays most people use LinkedIn and do not use business cards.

According to the report, Lens does not have many uses which are essential to the users compared to other features of Google. The existence of this feature might even be forgotten by the users. In the future, Lens might become good enough that a picture of a landmark or restaurant clicked by Lens will give information about the pictures. This will be a better alternative than looking for it with a keyword.

Availability of Google Lens in smartphones which has Android operating system will increase the growth of flagship smartphone market, as elaborated in the Flagship Smartphone Market report published by Coherent Market Insights.


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