Google to Add Swipe-Up-To-Unlock Feature on Updated Android Auto

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Google launched swipe-up-to-unlock feature on March 19, 2018, for easy access to a phone while driving

Google has been adding features to Android Auto platform to lower interaction of driver with phone to avoid distractions. Recently, company launched swipe-up-to-unlock feature for Android Auto, which can be used to unlock smartphone while the car communication app is active. Drivers are not recommended to use phones at all while on the road, a study published in April 2017 revealed that most people still use their phones while driving. Google intends to make process easier by adding the swiping mechanism. The feature was first noticed by Reddit users.

Earlier drivers were not able to use several smartphone features while driving, with the update, if a driver needs to perform a particular task that simply must be tended to immediately, they don’t have to disconnect the phone from the driving system just to access its home screen. Once enabled, the new feature allows the driver access to a car mode after they swipe up to unlock. However, the company did not disclose when this feature will roll out to all users’ android users. This new feature doesn’t really offer more functionality to the driver, but it does lessen the hassle they encounter when they need to do a particular task.

The company has not made in formal announcements so the feature still appears to be in slow rollout. Google intends to strike a balance between preventing distracted driving and letting drivers have convenient access to features should they need to.


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