Google to Focus on Gaming with ‘Yeti’ Streaming Service

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Google is reported to be working game streaming service known as Yeti, which is expected to influence the success of Chromecast platform to offer games without a download.

Google is expected to expand branches in gaming segment that is yet to be dominated by American firm. Integration of this new segment is expected to make Google strong competitor for Sony or Nintendo in video games market. Google is reportedly developing a subscription-based games streaming service named as Yeti. It would allow users to play cloud-based games, which are installed on a remote machine. Google is focused in building a streaming platform, which is identical to Steam or PlayStation.

Game streaming is a viable option only for those with fast internet connections. The game is rendered on a remote server and the video is streamed to the user. Controller inputs are sent back upstream to control the game. Doing it well isn’t easy, though. There’s also the issue of monthly bandwidth caps instituted by many ISPs. If all gaming uses up your monthly allotment, user might prefer local gaming instead.

Google is also reported to be working on releasing first ever games console.

It will be available via Google’s Chromecast low-cost media player. For instance, a device that allows users to stream content from various mobile devices such as PC, smartphone, and tablet to a TV over Wi-Fi. This solution would have the advantage of making the platform accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

Google hired Microsoft and Sony gaming veteran Phil Harrison to head a yet undisclosed division in January, 2018. Although, Google has also reported to discuss Yeti with game developers, it is unclear whether any of them will develop a game specifically for Yeti or only make existing streamed games available. According to the 9to5Google, the firm has developed several iterations of Yeti so far, as it discusses the project with top-tier gaming developers.


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