Google to Introduce Voice Assistant in Smart Speaker with Screen

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Google at its appearance at the CES consumer electronics in Las Vegas on January 8, 2017, announced versions of digital assistant for speakers with screens and cars.

The new speakers with Google Assistant are similar to Amazon’s recently released Echo Show and Echo Spot. An individual can ask the Google Assistant a question and the response will be shown on a screen. While Alexa for screens works exclusively with Amazon’s own Echo hardware, Google Assistant is compatible with devices made by other companies, including new models from Sony, LG, Lenovo and JBL, a brand of Samsung’s Harman division.

A smart display is essentially a voice-activated speaker with a screen.Google Assistant also allows to make video calls on devices that are equipped with a camera. It will also be possible to watch YouTube videos. Google has blocked YouTube playback on the Echo Show and Echo Spot. Google has more experience with touchscreen interfaces than Amazon. That could give its efforts an edge over devices like the Echo Show, which keeps getting blocked from showing YouTube videos.

According to Artificial Intelligence in Telecommunication Market published by Coherent Market Insights, Artificial intelligence (AI) is group of methodology that focus on formation of intelligent machines with the help of human intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. Google’s move foreshadows the search giant’s future hardware plans. The company is working on a new Google Home speaker with a display, code- named Manhattan, for release in 2018.


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