Gut Bacteria can Trigger Autoimmune Response

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Research reveals that gut bacteria in small intestines can trigger autoimmune response, according to a study conducted on March 8, 2018.

This autoimmune reaction can be suppressed using an antibiotic or vaccine that is designed to target the bacteria. The results of this study promises new approaches that can be used in the treatment of chronic autoimmune conditions, which includes systemic lupus and autoimmune liver disease. Various studies have linked gut bacteria to a range of diseases. Therefore, to bring more clarity to that link, researchers focused on Enterococcus gallinarum. Outside of the gut is spontaneously translocated to lymph nodes, liver and spleen by this bacterium.

In tissues outside the gut of mice, the production of auto-antibodies and inflammation was initiated by E. gallinarum. The same was confirmed in cultured liver cells of healthy people. Further experiments found that autoimmunity in mice can be suppressed using an antibiotic aimed at E. gallinarum. Martin Kriegel, senior author said, “The vaccine against E. gallinarum was a specific approach, as vaccinations against other bacteria we investigated did not prevent mortality and autoimmunity.” To avoid targeting other bacteria in the gut, the vaccine was delivered through injection in muscle.

The research team is planning for further research and meanwhile, current findings can be used in the treatment of systemic lupus and autoimmune liver disease. Martin said, “Treatment with an antibiotic and other approaches such as vaccination are promising ways to improve the lives of patients with autoimmune disease.” This study can be related to the autoimmune disease treatment market, as detailed in the autoimmune disease treatment market report published by Coherent Market Insights.


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