Hori’s Launches Wireless Alternative to PS4 DualShock

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Onyx controller is a modified PS developed by Japan-based accessory maker—Hori.

The latest model sports asymmetrical sticks as seen in the Xbox One controller — a rounder shape and longer, curved bumpers. The Share and Options buttons are also visible below the touch pad of the device, making it convenient for users to access, discarding the tendency of accidentally pressing on these buttons. This version, thus is proven to be more convenient than the DualShock 4.

The drawback of this development, however, lies in the notable fact that it seem to lack a speaker or light bar on the back. The latter is mitigated by a small LED bar on the front, sandwiched between the D-pad and right analog stick.

Users usually seem to dislike the function of the light bar, although it does have functionality in games such as Tearaway: Unfolded.

It also seems unclear if the battery life of Onyx is more durable than the DualShock 4. The controller is available in Europe, and is expected to enter into other regional markets soon.


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