Hybrid Seeds Market Demands and Growth Prediction, Outlook 2017-2025

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North America is the largest hybrid seeds market due to the increasing demand for enhanced farming product.

Asia Pacific is estimated to be the fastest growing market in the forecast period. India and China have the most demand of hybrid seeds market. With increasing populations, the demand for food has increased, enabling the need of highly efficient crop seeds. Urbanization has resulted in loss of farmland which means more food needs to be produced from lesser acreage.

In Latin America, Middle East, and Central Europe the hybrid seeds market is growing at a slow rate than others regions due to the lack of awareness and unorganized marketing system.

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The hybrids seeds are of different varieties for different kind of food items. Hence the demand and use of hybrid seeds are increasing with the technologies. The diversified demand of hybrid crops is the main reason for the increase in the hybrid seeds market in forecast period.

Hybrid seeds Market Challenges

The process of preparation of hybrid seed is expensive and complex process. The hybrid seeds cannot survive the changing climatic conditions. Also, the hybrid seeds cannot be reproduced once they have used in the field. The lack awareness among customers, unorganized marketing system and lack of biotic stress resistant hybrids are the major challenges for the hybrid seed market.

Hybrid seeds Market Taxonomy

On the basis of crop type, the hybrid seeds market is classified into:

Cereals and Grains: CornRiceSorghum

Fruits and vegetables: CabbageTomatoEggplantChiliOkraCucumber

Oil Seeds: Mustard,Sunflower, Others

On the basis of duration, the hybrid seeds market is classified into:Short-term, Medium-term, Long-term

On the basis of seed treatment, the hybrid seeds market is classified into:Treated, Untreated

On the basis of acreage, the hybrid seeds market is classified into:Rice, Corn, Sorghum and Millet

Hybrid seeds are segmented as, Short term hybrid seed can be stored about 9 to 12 months, medium term hybrid seed can be stored for 12 to 36 months and long term can be stored up to 4 years and much longer if refrigerated. Further segmentation is on basis of seed treatment. The hybrid seeds are treated to establish healthy crop by biological, physical and chemical agents to provide protection. Rice hybrid seeds are the most used seeds based on cultivated area.

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There are various organic and inorganic growth strategies being followed by major player. AgrEvo, a joint venture of Hoechst AG and Schering AG is a market leader in hybrid vegetable seeds. Some of the key companies dominating the market are DOW Agro Sciences LLC, E.I Du Pont De Nemours and Company, Monsanto, Syngenta AG, KWS, Advanta Limited, Land O’ Lakes, Inc., Takii & Co. Ltd., Mahyco, Bostadt India Limited.


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