Hyperspektiv Launched on App Store

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Hyperspektiv, a glitch-inducing app for pictures and videos, has been launched on App Store on April 2, 2018.

Hyperspektiv was developed a few years ago, however, has gained traction after being featured in the App Store. The app is known to add random distortion effects, such as colorful glitches and floaty mirroring to a kaleidoscope twist. The app is loaded with 30 filters, including a Wild Card option to repeatedly generate randomized effects.

The app is easy-to-use, allowing one to load it and swipe through to choose the filter they want. The filters are applied in real-time as well. The app allows one to customize how the filters are applied by dragging a finger up or down and side to side. These movements allow changing hues of the image of video as well.

The app is most suitable for videos, as motion is what makes the visuals pop. The highest resolution of the app is HD 720p videos. Filters can be applied to old videos one has recorded, while editing existing photos is not possible here. The developers promise to offer the same in their next version very soon.

The app is currently available on iOS. While Apple users have other options of glitch photo apps such as Glitch Wizard, Glitché, and Luminancer. While, apps for Android include Onetap Glitch, Glitch Camera, and Glitcher.


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