Industries to Implement Various Strategies for Reducing Plastic Waste in Maharashtra

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Maharashtra state government is taking initiatives to ban plastic. The industries concerned of the region have prepared an action plan to reduce plastic waste in Vidarbha region.

A meeting regarding the same issue was conducted on January 3, 2017, among the members of Plastic Industries Association of Vidarbha and Packaged Drinking Water Manufacturers Association, Nagpur. Both of the associations marked various strategies for industrial waste management. “Instead of discarding the 20-litre water jars, we will cut them and use them as planters. We will hand them over to the civic body which can place the saplings at prominent places,” said Vidhan Bhartia, founder member of the Packaged Drinking Water Manufacturers Association, Nagpur.

The associations are planning increase the scrap value of plastic waste so that it can be recycled and reused. “The scrap value of plastic waste is around Rs25 per kg. But because it is considered a menace, rag pickers and scrap dealers stay away from it,” said Bhartia. They are also planning to start helpline numbers for ensuring that household plastic waste reaches scrap dealers. “We will act as mediators. People can collect plastic waste like bottles and milk pouches and sell it to the vendor once a month or so. There are units in the city where this waste can be recycled,” said Harish Mantri, secretary of the Plastic Industries Association.

According to Industrial Water Management Market Report published by Coherent Market Insights, industrial water management aid companies to reduce adverse environmental impacts, enhance their internal workflow processes with optimum costs, and adhere to stringent regional regulations. New strategies by state government could prove beneficial in management of industrial waste. As a part of public awareness campaigns, the vehicles used by distributors for transporting packaged drinking water will have banners displaying messages related to handling plastic waste. Minister of state environment stated that the government would like to start implementation of the ban on PET bottles to set an example for private offices.


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