Integral Memory’s to launch the World’s Biggest MicroSD Card

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Integral Memory, on January 22, 2018, unveiled its new microSD card that has the largest data-holding capacity.

The new microSD card has the capable to hold over half a terabyte of data. The company’s new 512 gigabyte card exceeds the previous record holder—SanDisk’s 400GB card—by over a quarter more memory.

The new 512 gigabyte card working at 80 megabytes/second transfer is much slower than SanDisk’s 100 MB/s. However, it meet the standards for high-definition video capture. “It is definitely not ideal for Android’s adoptable storage or a Nintendo Switch,” but it should work fine for shooting in HD.” Said AndroidPolice.

It has been noted that although most customers use cloud-based solutions for data storage, they still make use of memory cards.

64GB is often the standard for high-end casual users and is capable of holding hundreds to thousands of high-quality photos. The new 512GB seems to be go beyond the needs of an individual. It will be available to the public in February 2018 and only then will it be clear if this suits the needs of customers worldwide.


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