IQbuds Help Augment Hearing

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Nuheara developed IQbuds, which turns down background noise turning up the sound of conversations, as announced by the company on February 12, 2018.

IQbuds are more than Bluetooth earbuds, as they are equipped with microphones in each ear and an adjustable intelligent noise control feature. The company intended to enhance user experience and has been successful at doing so, by offering bionic hearing. The aim was to optimize hearing for users, allowing them to separate noisy environments from a conversation users are in. The noise in the background is cut out, boosting voices to make hearing easier.

IQbuds is a fully wireless Bluetooth piece of earbuds, which is fits firmly into the ears. The earbuds are available with a wide range of specially shaped tips for users to choice from. IQbuds are similar to foam earplugs, as they passively block out a lot of outside noise.

These earbuds can even play media from a smartphone or laptop, and allows users to easily answer phone calls without using their hands, despite the fact that the microphones are placed on the ears.

This newly developed smart earphone has potential to allow for focused listening and might be helpful for use in crowded places or noisy work environments.


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