Keep Track on Home and Family with Tracknet Tabs

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TrackNet, Inc., Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider developed Tabs, a smart sensor system which is capable of tracking things including your home.

At CES 2018, Internet of Things solutions provider TrackNet revealed latest product known as Tabs. It is cost-efficient smart home-monitoring system controlled by a mobile app. The full suite of Tabs devices helps parents monitor children’s activities and stay abreast of their locations. It can also help in protecting kids from inappropriate content on the web with Wi-Fi parental controls.

“We created Tabs with safety as a top priority and we’re excited to showcase the most robust and reliable IoT technology on the market today” Hardy Schmidbauer, CEO and co-founder of TrackNet, said in a statement. “Tabs will quickly become the primary platform for all things related to home and family safety.” A single Tabs Hub covers an entire neighborhood allowing children to roam free while keeping an eye on them. Each Tabs Hub becomes part of the same Tabs Lorawan network, which means the more Tab Hubs are used in a neighborhood the more comprehensive the coverage.

The Tabs suite includes gadgets such as Wristband Locator an Object Locator. Kids need only put on this wearable to give their parents visibility of locations. The locator can also send predefined messages such as ‘I’m safe.’ If parents need to reach their children, they can send a vibration alert to the wristband using the mobile app. Object Locator can be attached to valuable items for constant monitoring via the Tabs app. This device can detect motion around multiple entries at once due to its wide-angle, wall-mounted design. Door and Window sensor can assist Tabs to track every entrance of home. Also, Tabs features a Healthy Home Sensor to help monitor air quality.

According to Smart Technologies by Coherent Market Insights, smart home products can be broadly categorized into lighting control, security & access control, HVAC control, home healthcare, smart kitchen, and entertainment. The production is in process for the device and users can directly order from the Tabs website.


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