Launch of eHealth to benefit Senior Citizens

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Qorvo, a provider of RF solutions, is providing a new eHealth system powered by the company’s chipset for IOT, according to an announcement made by the company on January 11, 2018.

The eHealth was created with an aim to help senior citizens live more independently in their homes. Health insurer CZ will provide the system to 3,000 elderly customers in the Netherlands, marking the first deployment in that country of a senior smart home solution by a large health insurance company.

eHealth technologies integrated with whole-home sensor systems presents an opportunity for health insurers and consumers to reduce healthcare costs and enhance quality of life. This will be an integration of IoT and healthcare.

“We believe that seniors using reliable eHealth systems will gain a wide range of benefits, enhancing their quality of life and enabling their families or caregivers to have peace of mind that they are safe and healthy,” said Menno Janssen, strategic program manager, CZ.

The system consists of a non-intrusive set of motion and open/close sensors, and a gateway. It combines proven cloud algorithm expertise from Sensara with industry-leading Zigbee Green Power RF solutions from Qorvo. Zigbee Green Power is optimized for ultra-long coin-cell battery life sensors (10-year replacement) and provides secure, long-range and highly reliable wireless data transmission. These features are essential to the evolution of the smart home.

“The innovation that Qorvo delivers in its Zigbee Green Power RF solutions, combined with behavior analysis algorithms, helps elderly people live longer and more independently at home,” said Cees Links, general manager, Wireless Connectivity business unit, Qorvo. “We’re excited about our partnership with CZ, a large health insurance company, and commend them for being a frontrunner in deploying eHealth solutions to improve lives. The IoT lifestyle market is quickly growing, and Qorvo is proud to play a more significant part.”

This development is expected to increase growth of the IoT In Healthcare Market, which is elaborated in IoT in healthcare market report published by Coherent Market Insights.


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