L’Oréal Collaborated with Avery Dennison to Minimize Packaging Waste

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Collaboration among Avery Dennison Corporation, Wasteflex, and L’Oréal Australia aims to deliver zero waste to landfills through recycling program

Avery Dennison, global materials science and manufacturing company is focused on sustainability, which intends to assist customers in reducing waste from its products. The liner recycling programme will help brands divert glassine paper liner (waste from label application process) from landfills into recycled products. Furthermore, with the help of this programme, L’Oréal Australia will divert over six tons of glassine paper liner in Australia into recycled paper for use in the recycled paper industry.

“As a materials science innovator committed to making a meaningful difference, we see sustainability as both a responsibility and an opportunity to lead. With our liner recycling programme, brands now have a solution that will enable them to reduce the environmental impact from discarded label liner waste,” said Anil K. Sharma, vice president and general manager, Label and Graphic Materials, South Asia Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa, Avery Dennison. “We are delighted to partner with L’Oréal Australia and Wasteflex on this sustainability journey.”

“The savings from this programme have been significant, but the biggest benefit for L’Oréal Australia is being able to meet our zero waste to landfill through the services and expertise of Wasteflex and Avery Dennison,” said David O’Leary, national logistics manager, L’Oréal Australia.  “Wasteflex is proud to be part of the Avery Dennison liner recycling programme, said Matt Tamplin, chief executive officer, Wasteflex. “Through this programme, we can offer the industry an exciting new solution that is easy to implement and will improve sustainability and commercial outcomes for business.”



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