Meizu Unveils New Phone Series without Notches

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Meizu unveiled its new range of smartphones without notches, as announced by the company on April 23, 2018.

Meizu, China-based mobile company, unveiled its new range of smartphones, the 15 series. The new series stands out from other phones seen today, as it does not have notches or tall screen, simply large and intact rectangles.

The company is launching three phones: the 5.95-inch 1440p OLED Meizu 15 Plus, the 5.46-inch 1080p OLED Meizu 15, and the 5.46-inch 1080p LCD Meizu 15 Lite. The Plus version of its series makes use of a Samsung Exynoos 8895 processor, which is the same chip seen in international models of the Galaxy S8. The 15 version of the series has a Snapdragon 660 and the Lite employs a Snapdragon 626.

The series looks a lot similar to an iPhone 7 Plus, only with thinner bezels on all four sides. This phone also has a circular fingerprint reader-equipped home button below the screen, as an iPhone does. Meizu is also touting a linear vibration motor to work with this button and other features throughout the Flyme 7 software.

Two of its OLED models comprise a dual 20-megapixel and 12-megapixel rear camera setup, while all three have 20-megapixel selfie cameras. The Lite and the 15 have 4GB of RAM and 3,000mAh batteries, while the Plus is upgraded to 6GB and 3,500mAh. Every phone has a headphone jack with it.

Overall, the new 15 series seems different from the rest and very refreshing. The model will first be available in China, after which it will reveal release dates in other parts of the world.


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