Mercedes Introduces Digital Headlights Upgrade

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Mercedes to launch New S-Class Maybachs integrated with intelligent headlights, as announced by the company on March 6, 2018.

The headlight employs digital light, which enhances the resolution of each headlight. These set of headlights works with the car’s sensors and computers, which display driver-assist information of the road the person is on.

The company released its Experimental Safety Vehicle technology in 2009, consisted of inflating seatbelt airbags, back seat cameras, and high-friction braking bags that hauls the car to a halt much faster than can be manually done.

Mercedes-Maybach in its latest model has integrated a new upgrade of digital light, which comprises over 2 million pixels in each headlight, light-painting the road with high-resolution symbols and markings to assist the driver.

It displays big white lines on the screen, representing the total width of the car, providing the driver the visuals to figure out if they can drive the car through a narrow gap. It displays big fat arrows directing towards pedestrians, alerting the driver that they might be danger of stepping out in front of the car. The car also shows a speed-sensitive distance mark, which shows a person the distance that should be maintained from the car in front.

The car has introduced a few new symbols, including a blind spot style warning that shows up on the road as stripes pointing the driver back into the lane before he could even look into the mirrors. It also has a new lane keeping symbol, construction site, low-grip surface symbols, and speed symbols.

Its sensitive high beam function is way smarter than its previous versions too, as it has the ability to go out of its way to dim lights that would directly shine into people’s faces. Digital Light will shine high beams on cars, however, can track and block out the front and rear windscreens, illuminating the bodies of pedestrians without assaulting their faces by shinning bright light.


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