Microsoft to Collaborate with Sunseap for Solar Project in Singapore

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Microsoft stated that it purchase 100% of the electricity generated from Sunseap’s 60 megawatt-peak solar power project for 20 years for its Singapore data operations.

Microsoft announced agreement with the Sunseap Group in Singapore on March 9, 2018. The software company will buy solar power from the Sunseap Group in Singapore, which will be the first renewable energy deal of the company in Asia. Microsoft aims to power 50 percent of its global datacenter with renewable energy in 2018. Sunseap’s project consists of an array of solar panels on hundreds of rooftops across the city-state. This is the largest rooftop solar project in Singapore and the first rooftop solar portfolio in the country focused on serving datacenter energy consumption. 60 megawatt-peak (MWp) solar portfolio will span hundreds of rooftops across the nation.

“This deal is Microsoft’s first renewable energy deal in Asia, and is our third international clean energy announcement, following two wind deals announced in Ireland and the Netherlands in 2017,” said Christian Belady, general manager, cloud infrastructure strategy and architecture at Microsoft. “Once operational, the new solar project will bring Microsoft’s total global direct procurement in renewable energy projects to 860 megawatts,” Belady said.

Microsoft is operating in Singapore from1990 with over 850 employees by now. Also, Singapore is main center for Microsoft datacenter services that deliver Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and numerous other cloud services for customers. The agreement also solidifies Sunseap’s unique position in the energy markets. Dominic Garetto, Sunseap’s vice president of Corporate Origination and Development based in California, added, “This contract, focused on serving Microsoft’s datacenter operations, highlights how environmentally responsible energy buyers can lead Singapore’s evolution as a global technology hub while fulfilling their sustainability goals.”


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